Did you face any of these problems with your notebook?

When restarting, the LCD screen would display flickering, vertical, random-like lines in different colors. These lines would appear as soon as the BIOS screen appeared ?

In Windows, you had to disable the video adapter, otherwise the screen would go black. Also, changing the resolution would sometimes cause the system to shut down by itself ?

Sometimes when starting up Windows, the color quality would automatically be set to 4bits (really bad). When changing this to 16 bit, it would sometimes change correctly, and sometimes not?

Test -1

  • Go to Run.

  • In the text box, type "dxdiag"

  • This will run the Direct X System Diagnostics. Click " Yes" if promted with a dialog box.

  • Click on Display tab.

  • Click on " Test Direct Draw"

  • This will run the first test.

  • Answer the dialog box in yes or no,at all stages.

  • After all the tests, Click on Test Direct 3D.

  • Run All the tests.

  • Answer the dialog box in yes or no at all stages.

This first test will conclude whether your VGA card is in proper function or not. Note that you might still see the flickering. Do not answer" No" just because you see the flickering.

Test 2.

If you're using a Graphics adapter, like NVidia, G-Force etc. you'll need to run this second test. Simply connect your monitor with an external monitor, and see the display. If you still see flickering, it could be a problem with your Graphics Adapter, and you'll need to get it replaced.

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Imagine if a computer virus emerged that secretly attached itself to one of the most popular software programs ever. Imagine if the largest media outlets unwittingly praised this secret pairing, encouraging millions of people to install it. Imagine if none of the major antivirus programs would detect it. Imagine if once installed, it could alter anything on your computer without your consent or knowledge. Imagine if the virus was at the control of a greedy entity that has repeatedly trampled on consumers and smaller companies to advance its corporate agenda. Imagine if it could force everyone who wanted to communicate with you to also carry the virus so it would insidiously spread person to person. Sound like a scary sci-fi plot? It's not science fiction. This week MO3 will be released on the world. Here's how to detect it in your neighborhood and what you can do to protect yourself

The Trojan Horse
Press outlets will blanket the world with stories about Microsoft Office 2003. Most articles will tout seemingly innocuous features and feel good quotes from Microsoft like "this is our most important product release ever." Unfortunately the press won't talk about the dangerous software buried inside this release - MO3. This code will give Microsoft the ability to change anything on your computer at anytime they wish with no notification to you.

The Security Ploy
Post 9/11, few people question actions taken under the guise of "improved security" and this is how MO3 will be foisted onto computer users - as a feature to 'make you safer.' Computer users have understandably tired of the near daily worm and virus warnings, as well as the time-consuming patch process due to Microsoft's lax software standards and its focusing not on building secure products, but products that secure its monopoly market positions. To improve the predicament which they've created, Microsoft is forcing consumers to accept MO3 embedded into every computer. Listen closely and you'll hear Microsoft mouth pieces speak of "turning software into a service" which really means they will be changing the software on your computer whenever they feel like it. They will slowly limit your ability to run non-Microsoft software. They will restrict choices on your computer to only those products they approve. They will make changes which cripple other software programs or reduce their ability to interoperate with your computer so you will be forced to use exclusively Microsoft approved products.

History Repeats Itself

Microsoft may use this newfound power to fix some holes in their software, but they will also abuse this power to further their corporate monopoly and increase their control and profits. Microsoft has already embedded the MO3 virus into another operating system they have deployed, called Xbox. They now have the power at anytime to change all existing Xboxes which connect to the Internet, and they are already misusing it. They have deleted files from users' computers without their knowledge or permission. They have added software which has removed the ability to run competitor's software. They have been changing users' systems without their consent and notification. They will do the same on Microsoft Windows based computers once MO3 is installed.
Microsoft management has shown to be deceitful and dishonest and will continue this behavior. Twice Microsoft has been found guilty by the Federal government of using illegal tactics to drive competitors out of business and extend their monopoly. December 1st, 2003 a trial will take place in Seattle Washington where more of Microsoft's past behaviors will come to light.
Infecting Friends

Microsoft Word (.doc) file open in StarOffice 7 To stop the advance of competing products and to force users into purchasing new software with the MO3 virus, Microsoft is making certain Microsoft Office 2003 files unreadable by all older versions of Microsoft Office and all competing office suites. Products like Sun's StarOffice are getting extremely good at interoperating with Microsoft word processing, presentation and spreadsheet files making it possible for people to spend close to $50 for an office suite instead of giving $400 or more to Microsoft. To blunt this and force users of older versions of Microsoft Office to buy new software, Microsoft has changed the specifications for some files.

Again under the umbrella of "security," Microsoft is implementing features which limit who can open and edit documents to further thwart competition. Microsoft Office 2003 gives its users the ability to control who can read and edit certain documents, but only if they use the latest Microsoft software. If one user within an office uses this feature, all others will be unable to use any other office suite to access that document. They will not be permitted to run Linux software, they will be required to purchase and run additional copies of Microsoft Office 2003. Since documents are frequently emailed around via the Internet, this will force others to accept Microsoft's software or be unable to communicate. Microsoft refers to this as IRM for "information rights management," but it's really an "infection relay method" designed to force everyone to adopt MO3. They will be using scare tactics about leaked memos or misdirected emails to persuade unwitting computer users to deploy this technology. Doing so will create a viral growth of MO3 which will give MS unlimited power over every computer.
Universal MO3

MO3 will not only come with Microsoft Office 2003, but with future Microsoft products as well. The same technology will be embedded into the next version of Microsoft's operating system software so all users will have to accept it with their new computer. Latest estimates indicate this new software will not ship until 2006, so between now and then, watch for Microsoft to secretly embed MO3 into updates or security patches that they promote for their existing product line.
Protect Yourself

Microsoft Excel (.xls) file open in StarOffice 7 There are precautionary measures you can take to fend off MO3. First off, do not purchase and install Microsoft Office 2003. Also, discourage those around you from purchasing Microsoft Office as well, since one infection will quickly grow. If you need a new office suite, check out the solid and affordable StarOffice 7.0 which runs equally well on Microsoft Windows or Linux computers, and can be purchased online and immediately downloaded and installed. Encourage those penning articles and reviews to fully inform their readers of the dangers of Microsoft Office 2003. Finally, encourage them to do in-depth reviews of Microsoft Office 2003 vs. Sun's StarOffice 7.0 so people can make informed decisions about the benefits and risks of either product.

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Laptops are sensitive gadgets. Since we move it around from places to place there are more chances for us to make a stupid mistake to break some thing out of it. Most common part of notebooks which are mostly get the treat is "laptop screen" Laptop LCDs are most attractive and most sensitive part, if it falls or little pressure is exerted over LCD it can break and ruin the the laptop forever. That is understood most of LCD breaking tragidies happens because of accidental fall, but you will not believe that there are many people who braeks LCDS with thumb by applying pressure on screen just to see the liquad and colors of the screen moving inside. Try to avoid this childish act because this action can cost you your laptop.
There is one more reason for broken LCDs, which is shutting it down forcefully. Forcefully shut downing the half of the portion (lcd)of laptop breaks it after hitting on the top of the other half of notebook. Always close the laptop with your hand until it meet the jacks which holds the entire laptop togather.
Some time LCDs breaks due to carring it in hands without case and it falls accidently. It cannot only break LCD but damage your notebook futher more to the level of complete useless, even after installing new Lcd. So it is always recommended to carry your laptop in its case so you can grip it better. There are lesser chances for its breakage in its case than without it.

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Worm infections spreading through computers, networks, pin drives are reaching in millions due to low profile security measures. In October 2008, different malicious computer programs like conficker, downadup and kido were discovered; these are the most common known malicious software attacking our computers. Antivirus firm F-secure estimated the amount of infected machines have reached the figure of 8-9 million. There has been several warning by experts about this figure that it can go far higher and they should install Microsoft MS08-067 patch and keep anti-virus software updated.

While in Interview with BBC, Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant told that the situation has never been this bad and outbreak on this scale had not been seen for quite some time. He also told that :

"Microsoft did a good job of updating people's home computers, but the virus continues to infect business who have ignored the patch update.
"A shortage of IT staff during the holiday break didn't help and rolling out a patch over a large number of computers isn't easy.
"What's more, if your users are using weak passwords - 12345, QWERTY, etc - then the virus can crack them in short order," he added.
"But as the virus can be spread with USB memory sticks, even having the Windows patch won't keep you safe. You need anti-virus software for that."

How worm spread in windows?

Microsoft has release the information about the working of worm spreading in the windows platform. First of all it searched for executable file called “services.exe” and gets embedded into it. “Services.exe” is windows file which performs important functions in windows. It then copy itself into window system folder “system32” with random file name but in extension of DLL file, it can be something like piftoc.dll etc, it normally named itself from 5 to 8 character, after naming it modifies the registry entries, listing important windows settings so that it could run infected ..DLL file as window default system file. When worm is up and running it creates HTTP server, it resets machine system restore point and starts to download files from different hacking sites and or start uploading crucial and personal information like name, password etc. Most malware uses predictable ways to download and upload files which are easy to locate and shut down. Whereas Conficker makes things way more complicated for finding and terminating its actions. According to antivirus firm F-secure this worn is programmed very complicated algorithm which in result generate hundreds of fake domain names such as abed.com,hturp.net etc. Out of which only one domain is used to download or upload data. Finding the site out of so many sites makes detection almost impossible procedure.


Interviewed by BBC, Kaspersky Lab's security analyst, Eddy Willems, said that a new strain of the worm was complicating matters.
"There was a new variant released less than two weeks ago and that's the one causing most of the problems," said Mr Willems
"The replication methods are quite good. It's using multiple mechanisms, including USB sticks, so if someone got an infection from one company and then takes his USB stick to another firm, it could infect that network too. It also downloads lots of content and creating new variants though this mechanism."
"Of course, the real problem is that people haven't patched their software," he mentioned.

According to Microsoft malware has infected millions of computers in almost of every parts of the world including in China, Brazil, Russia, and India having the highest number of victims.
Microsoft also says, they have detected millions of unique IP infected, they can be deinfected but it will bring issue of unauthrized access issue.
Recommendations: We have good chances for protecting our computers by making sure that we update crucial security updates at any cost, and we use antivirus programs and keep its signature file updated for maximum protection.

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Notebook hardware control and monitoring software is very neat utility for controlling hardware components on your notebook computers and it is free for personal use!
Using this utility you can:
- Monitor CPU clock, CPU load and CPU voltage
- Monitor CPU temperature and hard drive temperature
- Control CPU multiplier
- Control CPU warning and shutdown temperature
- Monitor hard drive SMART and temperature
- Monitor physical memory and virtual memory state
- Monitor battery status

Notebook Hardware Control

I just found this software and still testing it. You can download notebook hardware control utility here. Make sure to read the beginner’s guide.

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Manuals for the following HP Pavilion Notebook PC series. Get maintenance and service guide.

HP Pavilion de2000, HP Pavilion dv1000, HP Pavilion dv2000, HP Pavilion dv4000, HP Pavilion dv5000, HP Pavilion dv6000, HP Pavilion dv8000m, HP Pavilion dv9000, HP Pavilion n Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion tx1000, HP Pavilion xf Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion xh Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion xt Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion xu Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion xz Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion zd7000, HP Pavilion zd8000, HP Pavilion ze1000, HP Pavilion ze2000, HP Pavilion ze4000, HP Pavilion ze5000, HP Pavilion zt1000, HP Pavilion zt3000, HP Pavilion zu1000, HP Pavilion zv5000, HP Pavilion zv6000, HP Pavilion zx5000

Manuals for the following HP Special Edition Notebook PCs. Get maintenance and service guide.

Special Edition L2000 CTO Notebook PC, Special Edition L2005A3, Special Edition L2005A4, Special Edition L2005CL, Special Edition L2005CM, Special Edition L2005CO, Special Edition L2005CU, Special Edition L2005CX, Special Edition L2005US, Special Edition L2098XX, Special Edition L2099XX, Special Edition L2105CA, Special Edition L2105CL, Special Edition L2105NR, Special Edition L2205NR, Special Edition L2300 CTO Notebook PC, Special Edition L2310CU

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Fixing a HP/Compaq laptop yourself? Need some help with taking the laptop apart? Here are links to manuals with step-by-step disassembly instructions. All these manuals are available from the HP website.

Here’s how to get the manual:
1. Follow the link
2. Select your model
3. Go to manuals
4. Find the maintenance and service guide and open it up (pdf file, some of them are huge)
5. Go to Removal and Replacement procedures chapter, you’ll find disassembly instructions in there

Manuals for the following Compaq Armada Notebook PC series. Get maintenance and service guide.

Compaq Armada 110, Compaq Armada 110s, Compaq Armada 1100, Compaq Armada 1500, Compaq Armada 1500c, Compaq Armada 1700, Compaq Armada 1750, Compaq Armada 3500, Compaq Armada 4100, Compaq Armada 4200, Compaq Armada 6500, Armada 7300, Compaq rmada 7400, Compaq Armada 7700, Compaq Armada 7800, Compaq Armada e500, Compaq Armada e500s, Compaq Armada E700, Compaq Armada m300, Compaq Armada m700, Compaq Armada SB, Compaq Armada V300

Manuals for the following Compaq Evo Notebook PC series. Get maintenance and service guide.

Compaq Evo n150, Compaq Evo n160, Compaq Evo n180, Compaq Evo n400c, Compaq Evo n410c, Compaq Evo n600c, Compaq Evo n610c, Compaq Evo n610v, Compaq Evo n620c, Compaq Evo n800c, Compaq Evo n800v, Compaq Evo n800w, Compaq Evo n1000c, Compaq Evo n1000v, Compaq Evo n1005v, Compaq Evo n1010v, Compaq Evo n1015v, Compaq Evo n1020v, Compaq Evo n1050v, Compaq Evo n200, Compaq Evo n110, Compaq vo n115

Manuals for the following HP Compaq Notebook PC series. Get maintenance and service guide.

HP Compaq 2400, HP Compaq 4400, HP Compaq 6100, HP Compaq 6200, HP Compaq 6300, HP Compaq 6305, HP Compaq 7400, HP Compaq 8200, HP Compaq 8400, HP Compaq 9400, HP Compaq nc4000, HP Compaq nc4010, HP Compaq nc4200, HP Compaq nc6000, HP Compaq nc6400, HP Compaq nc8000, HP Compaq nw8000, HP Compaq nw8240, HP Compaq nx4300, HP Compaq nx4800, HP Compaq nx4820, HP Compaq nx5000, HP Compaq nx6130, HP Compaq nx7000, HP Compaq nx7010, HP Compaq nx7100, HP Compaq nx7200, HP Compaq nx7220, HP Compaq nx7300, HP Compaq nx9000, HP Compaq nx9005, HP Compaq nx9008, HP Compaq nx9010, HP Compaq nx9020, HP Compaq nx9030, HP Compaq nx9040, HP Compaq nx9100, HP Compaq nx9105, HP Compaq nx9110, HP Compaq nx9500, HP Compaq nx9500A, HP Compaq nx9600

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