Laptops are sensitive gadgets. Since we move it around from places to place there are more chances for us to make a stupid mistake to break some thing out of it. Most common part of notebooks which are mostly get the treat is "laptop screen" Laptop LCDs are most attractive and most sensitive part, if it falls or little pressure is exerted over LCD it can break and ruin the the laptop forever. That is understood most of LCD breaking tragidies happens because of accidental fall, but you will not believe that there are many people who braeks LCDS with thumb by applying pressure on screen just to see the liquad and colors of the screen moving inside. Try to avoid this childish act because this action can cost you your laptop.
There is one more reason for broken LCDs, which is shutting it down forcefully. Forcefully shut downing the half of the portion (lcd)of laptop breaks it after hitting on the top of the other half of notebook. Always close the laptop with your hand until it meet the jacks which holds the entire laptop togather.
Some time LCDs breaks due to carring it in hands without case and it falls accidently. It cannot only break LCD but damage your notebook futher more to the level of complete useless, even after installing new Lcd. So it is always recommended to carry your laptop in its case so you can grip it better. There are lesser chances for its breakage in its case than without it.


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