Did you face any of these problems with your notebook?

When restarting, the LCD screen would display flickering, vertical, random-like lines in different colors. These lines would appear as soon as the BIOS screen appeared ?

In Windows, you had to disable the video adapter, otherwise the screen would go black. Also, changing the resolution would sometimes cause the system to shut down by itself ?

Sometimes when starting up Windows, the color quality would automatically be set to 4bits (really bad). When changing this to 16 bit, it would sometimes change correctly, and sometimes not?

Test -1

  • Go to Run.

  • In the text box, type "dxdiag"

  • This will run the Direct X System Diagnostics. Click " Yes" if promted with a dialog box.

  • Click on Display tab.

  • Click on " Test Direct Draw"

  • This will run the first test.

  • Answer the dialog box in yes or no,at all stages.

  • After all the tests, Click on Test Direct 3D.

  • Run All the tests.

  • Answer the dialog box in yes or no at all stages.

This first test will conclude whether your VGA card is in proper function or not. Note that you might still see the flickering. Do not answer" No" just because you see the flickering.

Test 2.

If you're using a Graphics adapter, like NVidia, G-Force etc. you'll need to run this second test. Simply connect your monitor with an external monitor, and see the display. If you still see flickering, it could be a problem with your Graphics Adapter, and you'll need to get it replaced.


  1. teacher // September 19, 2009 at 12:02 AM  

    I couldn't even run the first test!
    I can get the screen up, with all the lines and in 4bit mode, etc...but when I click to run the test, nothing happens!
    Screen is going black if I boot up in usual mode, but shows in safe mode.

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